Hi, I'm Edgar Brown👋🏽

This is my online home where I share my learnings about startups, careers, and personal development. More importantly, I aim to share candid experiences building startups and overcoming personal challenges so people can learn what entrepreneurship really looks like behind the scenes.

About me 🚀

I'm a startup operator and growth marketer based in Toronto, Canada🇨🇦.

Currently, I'm leading growth for the Hiring Org at On Deck — a global community that helps people start companies, find their next roles, and invest in their careers, surrounded by world-class peers.

As a former founder, I’ve participated in leading Canadian entrepreneurship programs like Next36 and the DMZ and I have been featured in publications like Forbes, Les Affaires and Mars Discovery District.

I graduated from McGill University with a Bachelors in Business and Computer Science and I regularly write online about startups, productivity and personal development.

My approach to life 💪🏽

As a former varsity athlete and NASM certified personal trainer, I believe in taking an athlete's mentality to all aspects of life.

I've found that the drive, discipline and relentless approach seen in competitive sports are equally as important when striving to achieve your personal and professional goals.

To explore this concept further and publicly share my learnings, I write regularly on Twitter and my monthly newsletter where I share my reflections about the mindsets, systems and habits that drive success.

What I'm currently focused on 💡

⚡ Current

Growth Lead, Hiring Org at On Deck

On Deck is a global community that helps people start companies, find their next roles, and invest in their careers, surrounded by world-class peers. I lead growth and marketing for the Hiring Business — a collection of programs, products, and services that help talented individuals land impactful roles at breakout startups.

🕰️ Past

ODF5 Founder Fellow

The On Deck Fellowship (ODF) is a 10-week program that creates incredible community around a cohort of experienced founders & talented individuals in the formative stages of starting a company.

DMZ Fellow

Ranked as the #1 university-based tech accelerator in the world, the DMZ provides high-impact, high-intensity programs for the best founders around the world to validate, build and scale their startups.

Next36 Entrepreneur & Alumni Ambassador

Next 36 is a highly competitive entrepreneurship program that accelerates the growth of Canada’s most talented young entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, capital, and unparalleled founder development.

Co-Founder & CEO at FitDrive

FitDrive was an app that helped personal trainers train 1-on-1 clients remotely through a suite of digital business management tools. As co-founder & CEO, I led our growth, operations and fundraising efforts.

Things I'm passionate about 🔥

If you’re thinking about starting a new venture, joining a fast-growing startup or investing in your personal growth don't hesitate to reach out! You can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter (where I'm most active).

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